Winery Construction

When we planted Burbank Ranch, we left a space for a winery nestled between Block 11 and Block 12 (between Zinfandal and Tempranillo). The dirt at the bottom of the photograph above shows most of the winery site.


In November, 2013 we broke ground on the construction of our new winery. The huge concrete pump truck on the left in the photo above is receiving concrete from two trucks and pumping it to a series of retaining wall foundations above the winery.

In April, 2014 the underground barrel-room vaults were completed. These three vaults will be underground and will store wine barrels at the right temperature and humidity until it is time for bottling. Being underground, they will not require electricity to keep them cool in the summer or the heat to warm them in the winter. The photograph above shows workers finishing the curved, concrete roof of the barrel-room vaults. Insulation will be placed on top of the concrete. Dirt will be packed on top of the insulated vaults. Finally, a concrete parking space will be created above the buried vaults. Visitors to the tasting room will drive up and park on top the vaults.

As shown in the architectural drawings below, the winery will have underground barrel storage, to allow our wine to age in barrels that live in a constant temperature environment, year round.

Our tasting room will sit on top of the winery allowing panoramic views of the Paso Robles AVA.