Between our 2010 and 2014 vintages, each Burbank Ranch label contained a unique original watercolor paining depicting a scene from our ranch.  In addition to sharing our wines, we wanted to share the beauty of our vineyard through these paintings.  Each scene was painted by our son, Joshua Burbank.


The grapes for all of our wines have always been grown at the Ranch.  Now the wines are also fermented, barrel aged, and bottled at the Ranch and can be labeled “Estate Bottled.” To minimize brand confusion in the market place, we decided to choose one painting for all our wine labels.  The image of a coyote howling in a distant corner of the Ranch will now appears on all our labels.  The label change acknowledges the step up to “Estate Bottled” wines.  Joshua Burbank also painted the coyote.

The isolated tree below grows between blocks 12 and 13. This painting is on the label on our Zinfandel wines.

The rows of fall grape vines are in block 14 looking across oak trees in one of our two dry creeks. This painting is on our website HOME page. The scene in the painting fades in and out between a photograph of the rows and the painting of the rows.

The spunky little sunflower just appeared, all by itself, one day. The seed from which it grew may have been brought in by a bird, and furry little animal, or from mud on the boot of a farm worker. It will go on a future wine label whose fanciful name will be “volunteer.”

This gentle painting is a winter moon as seen from the front porch of the main ranch house. It is the painting on our Tempranillo wines.

The five oak trees – holding hands in the painting at the top of this page - grow between block 2 and the road to our main house. The painting is on the label of our Syrah Rosé wines.